Customize Your Treatment

Your smile should match your personality! At Calera Orthodontics, you can choose from metal braces and gold braces. These bracket types all work the same way, so your treatment outcome will be the same matter what style you choose.

Calera Braces

Advancements in technology have resulted in brackets that are smaller, more comfortable, and better looking than traditional "old school" braces. Dr. Reid offers the latest braces technology to patients of all ages in Calera and surrounding areas, including modern metal braces and gold brackets that blend in with your smile.

Orthodontist in Calera

Tried & True Metal Braces

Metal braces have a reputation for being bulky, but thanks to modern orthodontics, you'll enjoy brackets that are smaller, stronger, and more comfortable than ever before.

Metal braces can also save you time and money as they work faster at closing gaps and aligning teeth without requiring the complex technology or expensive equipment that some other treatment options do.

Straightening Your Teeth With Style

Our gold braces are a highly aesthetic champagne color and offer the best of both worlds — the durability of stainless steel and the aesthetics of rose gold. In other words, these ain't your "old school" braces!

Metal Braces FAQ